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Lands of Pharaoh

An indie computer game developed by Pyramid Games.

We, Pyramid Games, are a game development team from Istanbul, Turkey. We have been working over 3 years on Lands of Pharaoh: Episode 1. With the help of numbered people around us, we made our dream come true and published it on Steam.


The hero of the game, Heragos, is a mercenary raised up by Nefertiti. Having the ability to overcome all sorts of soldiers in Egypt, Heragos reserved his place in the bottom of Nefertiti's heart. In 1335 BC, Nefertiti contacts Heragos and assigns him a divine duty. Heragos dives into a unique adventure and wanders around the Cairo Desert in order to get to The Sacred Tree: the place where all the mystery regarding his mission lies.


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Concept Art

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Thanks for contacting us. We will respond to your message once we are available.

You can send us an e-mail via if you are having trouble using the message box above.

Donate Us

Donate Us

Except buying our game, you can always donate us on Patreon if you wish and we will be grateful if you do. Feel free to use the contact section for investment related messages.

We're in process of applying to Kickstarter. A link to our Kickstarter project page will be added soon.

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