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Update v1.0.1

Update v1.0.1

  • Major Update: Sandstorm Map
    An entire new level has been added to the game.

  • Armor System
    Heragos' armor used to stay at a certain value. Now, it also has a dynamic value and can be breakable. When the armor breaks there is a sound effect that plays, Heragos starts to receive vital damages, and can be recharged with certain potions.

  • Health and Armor Bars
    The two bars used to work with UI code based. They're replaced with a material based bars. The transitions when Heragos loses health and armor look way more smoother and more organic.

  • UI
    Updated user and AI user interfaces with a new design. Most of the huds on screen either removed, or scaled down to keep the overall view less distracting.

  • AI
    Improved AIs and fixed several bugs related to animation and presence of enemies. Human AIs particle effects have been enhanced.

  • Enemy AI Armor Sound Effect
    The sound effect when Heragos attacks to an enemy that owns armor is different than the ones that do not own one.

  • Tutorials
    Utilizing many gamers' reviews and comments, we have added new in-game tutorials, which will help them tune themselves into the mechanics of the game and recognize the locations of quests.

  • Explosive Boxes
    Explosive boxes have been added in the game. These boxes affect combat mechanics vastly since they're timed boxes after a certain point and can damage Heragos, AIs, and other explosive boxes.

  • Chest
    The camera angle changes during interactions with chests.

  • Minimap
    Minimap color changes when between day and night.

  • Inventory
    Recapped the inventory system. Added definitions to items collected from environment.

  • Potions
    Heragos can no longer consume potions if his stats related to those potions are at their maximum values.

  • Light Attack
    Decreased the damage value of light attack to enhance the importance of other attack types.

  • Bug Fixes
    Dozens of bugs regarding gameplay and mechanics were identified and fixed. Gameplay became more stable overall.

    Note: We are very aware that there are still many bugs in the game and we're currently working on them to get rid of them as soon as possible with 1.0.2 update. Bear with us until then.

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